Farview is located on the Western-most tip of the Eastern Kingdoms, the land which has been settled predominantly by surface-dwelling humanoid Survivors. Located at the northern tip of the Barricade and over a cliff that plummets into the sea, Farview’s primary purpose is a sentry against land and air incursions from the west. It is a major trade route and the location from which most survivors are integrated into Nowhere society.

Major Features

Air Port
A vertical skyship port built far down the cliff, almost as tall as the city is wide.

Tower of Eternal Vigilance
A massive tower at the heart of the capital area. The tower is manned by a paladin order, one of the prominent factions in the city.

Factions and Groups

The Rift Rangers

The Rangers host their central base in Farview, as it is the easiest way for them to get in and out of the Tower. They have a representative on the city Council, but generally try to stay uninvolved with city politics except where necessary to protect their interests.

The Skyward Vigil

Tracing their beginnings to the founding of of Farview, the Skyward Vigil man the Sentry tower, as well as acting as the primary law and peacekeeping force in the city. The Skyward Vigil is primarily a Paladin order, but initiates in the order server as low-ranking city guards. The Skyward Vigil Peacekeeper branch run the Magistrate tower and the prison system.


Red Ward

Northwest corner of the city, occupied by the Ranger headquarters, barracks, and supporting companies, as well as the western portion of the dock. Also houses the Gate through the Barricade.

Survivor’s District

Located in the western edge, this district mostly contains the Survivor’s Compound, and supporting resources. The northern portion of the survivors’ district butts up against the walls of the Red Ward, and is the closest area to the main gate. Closest to the wall, there are mostly warehouses and storage, as well as several stables. This region of the city has the largest collection of bookstores, curio shops, and cheap entertainment in general, while the northern region by the Red Ward has the highest concentration of smiths, fletchers, armorers, and other adventuring goods – along with brothels and “exotic” clubs.

Crook’s Crossing

Crook’s Crossroads is a small community nestled just outside the city walls amidst sheep herds from which it gets its name. Besides homing several farms and supporting local markets, Crook’s Crossroads is a far enough away from the most densely populated regions that normal city restrictions against dangerous goods (such as explosives) are relaxed.

Paradox Bay

At the bottom of the cliffs by the ocean is a more traditional ocean port, mostly for fishing and underwater exploration. Paradox Bay is so named for the “pair” of docks on either side of the bay.


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