Crook's Corner

Crook’s Corner

The sign on the door features the outline of a bonnet-ed woman carrying a crook.

Type: Bakery
Available Gold: 25,000


Isabel Rayne

A doe-eyed blond girl wearing a floral bonnet calls out a sunny “Hello!” as you enter. “What can I get you?”


Description: The store interior is cozy and warm, brightly lit by open windows, through which the mouth-watering smell of pastries, pies, breads, and more bring in company all throughout. Several cozy tables and chairs, lit by glowing Heartstone lamps, occupy the front of the building. The building is large, and in addition to a large number of commoners and children, there are also an unusual number of rough-seeming men and women in the building. The other patrons do not seem to notice.



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Crook's Corner

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