Cosmology and Geography


Nowhere exists in a universe known as Null. This is a relatively tiny universe, with Nowhere currently being the only planet, with its sun the only star.

A large portion of the denizens of Nowhere originally came from the Void, a space-between-dimensions into which countless beings and things are dumped when erased from existence from their own worlds and dimensions. While technically possible to go back into the Void from the Rift (see below), there are no other dimensions or sub-spaces accessible from Null.

Nowhere topography

Nowhere is a half-sphere shape, with the landmass and livable area on the flat half where it is sheered in half, rather than on the surface of the spherical regions. Around the edges is a massive, jagged mountain range which supports life at the lower regions. At the center of the surface area is a large landmass area teaming with living things, surrounded by two massive a massive oceans.

Features and Landmasses

Creatures from the Void are drawn to Nowhere by the Tower, a massive object of unknown origins that emanates incredible power and is impervious to time and harm alike. They enter through the Rift at the top of the Tower, which appears from the outside as a globe of churning energy constantly spitting out people, creatures, and occasionally objects.


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