There are 13 eggs of cosmic proportions that are scattered throughout the world. These are mostly clustered in a nest at the center of the world, around which a large continent has formed. A fourteenth egg has broken, forming a massive cavern inhabited by the Fey at present at the center of this landmass.

Each of the eggs produces crystals that form around them. Though they form everywhere around their surface, they are most easily gathered at the surface. These form in varying sizes, from as small as a grain of sand to whole fields of crystals.

Each egg has a name, and a different color of crystal associated with it:

Egg Name Color Crystal
Akkon’Var Deep Purple with pale yellow specks Kingstone
Amahadra Dark blue with pale green marbling n/a
Aphyaeloa Golden yellow with pale yellow marbling Sunstone
Brygaehyga Deep brown with pale tan specks Loamstone
Caylaehyga Turquoise with green marbling Seastone
Croaeloa Grey and white marbling Cronestone
Daekon’Var Black with white specks Dreadstone
Hadraehyga Dark green with pale green marbling Feystone
Mahlaehyga Deep red with purple marbling Duskstone
Sarkan-Zyrk Peach with light tan specks marbling Fleshstone
Swyaeloa Cyan with dark blue specs Skystone
Twykyth-Zyrk Brilliant pale pink with white and blue marbling Heartstone
Vais’Var Pure White Leechstone
Xynkyth-Zyrk Yellow, orange, and red marbling Flamestone


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