Human Magus


Soldier of the guard and apprentice to one an ancient Mage Lord Arcticias has been trained to wield sword and spell, mind and body.


Personal guard and apprentice to the Mage Lord Tenoch, one of the ancient mages that had conspired as part of the Cabal to kill the imposter Gods of the world millennia ago. Arcticias was the youngest child in his family. His father was the Captain of the Mage Lord’s guard and his mother was a well respected trader. His older sister joined the reformed church. As the child of the Captain of the Guard Arcticias was targeted by an attack from a cult devoted to the dead gods. They compelled the 9 year old child to sneak in and steal an artifact from the Mage Lord’s keep. He was caught by a guard and nearly killed the guard in the attempt to complete his directive. The Mage Lord sensed the disturbance and prevented the guard’s death and subdued the child to remove the sorcery from then. Since then the Mage Lord took a keen interest in the child, at first to ensure the effects had lapsed. Once in his late teens he was assigned as one of the Mage Lord’s personal guard. After his assignment the cult attacked the keep during the summer solstice festival and killed indiscriminately while their cohorts attempted to steal the artifact again. Arcticias was gravely wounded in his defense of his Lord, getting sliced diagonally across the chest. His parents were not so lucky, they died in the hall attempting to evacuate. His sister survived, still working in her temple with her own apprentice duties. After he healed Arcticias was taken as the Mage Lord’s apprentice in addition to his normal duties as one of the personal guard. He refined his spellcraft that was natural to all peoples of his world. Quiet years had passed, the Cult had not taken any other open action since their attack on the keep failed and the artifact they desired remained in the Mage Lord’s possession. Arcticias became a seasoned swordsman and mage. His sister became a Justicar, a member of her faiths wandering Paladins that patrol the dark places of the world watching for disturbances and evil to prevent it from creeping back into the world. After his 32nd year Arcticias was awoken by his lord in haste and given a message to deliver to a nearby Mage Lord and rushed out of the keep in early dusk to deliver the message. The contents were unknown to Arcticias, only its importance. He was ambushed on the road by the Cult. They surprised him, took the message, and then erased him.


Nowhere Rising Vaporose Arcticias