Nowhere Rising

The story so far...

Your character met some fate, by accident or design, that removed you from existence as you know it. You may have known nothing of this, or you may have known it only as a permanent and horrible death…

You are drawn into darkness.

For a time, there is nothing – even your heart feels still. Half out of reflex, you reach out to touch yourself, and your fingers meet nothing. “Is this what death is like?” You wonder. You try to move, to see anything, to no avail.

Just as you are beginning to feel madness creep into your thoughts, you feel an agonizing tearing sensation and a soundless scream is torn from your body. When the agony has reached the point you feel as if you are about to die, light and sound begin again with a deafening boom of thunder and the feel of wetness on your skin. You feel yourself falling slowly downwards, your eyes obscured by a heavy fog. You flail around for a surface, but nothing meets your grasp.

When the fog clears you are staring into open sky, and you realize you are falling out of a dark cloud. As you twist and contort on your way down, you see a massive black tower, larger than any building you have ever seen, its smooth surface slick from the rain that is falling all around you. At its feet lies a lake of water towards which you are hurtling.

You slow unnaturally before you hit the water, and you are able to gasp a lungful of air before being plunged below the surface. The water is heavy and thick as you swim upwards with swift, desperate strokes. Your hands meet something solid and you pull yourself up…

To your horror, you realize that the solid surface you are standing on is the floating body of some unidentifiable beast, half-eaten and rotting. You become aware of the cacophony of sound around you, and as you look you realize this is far from the only body. Around you, the foul liquid heaves and shakes, as bodies and objects shift and churn through no influence you can identify. Both far and near, you spy a few other creatures both nightmarish and humanoid lashing out at each other with hunger and fear.

Cold fear runs down your spine; you prepare yourself for a fight as best as you can. ​


Vaporose Vaporose

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