Welcome to Nowhere

We are the Lost.

We were erased from our own existences, from countless other worlds of all shapes and sizes. Drawn through the Void, a nightmare realm unlike any other, we fell through the storm to end all storms into a land of starless skies and fleeting days, where monsters of legend roam the seas, and skies, and the endless dark below us, and the very rock that we make our home speaks of age beyond imagining.

Though we may still yearn for our old lives, we have built ourselves a home here that our former selves could not have dreamed of. We travel the skies on dirigibles and winged ships, powered by both magic and cunning invention. Our fields are plowed by clockwork beasts, and our cities hum with the thrum of lightning leashed. All of these things we have due to the diversity of minds that the rift delivers to us, and more wonders are created every day.

All is not paradise, however. The font of worlds through which we came threatens the stability of our world, fickle faerie folk leverage the power of the crystals we need for survival against us in cruel ways, and nameless horrors from the endless dark besiege those who dare to travel beneath the ancient stone.

Will we learn to tame the world, or will civilization become but a memory as chaos and discord consumes us?

Nowhere Rising

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